Smart Fridge


The SmartFridge gives the user the possibility to easily retrieve individual product information. Alongside a detailed list of ingredients and manufacturer information the fridge provides information about the shelf life of products and automatically warns when best before dates are about to be exceeded.
SmartFridge users can create customised user profiles to save their favourite articles, diets or their food intolerances. Recipe suggestions can be made regarding the products inside the fridge and also according to diet sheets and other criteria. Using advertising lyers of various stores a shopping list can be generated on the fridge.


Manufacturers label the products with RFID tags, which can be read and written on through readers embedded in the fridge.
Besides standard product information, such as nutrition facts, customised information like driven transport distance or temperature sequence from time of production to the customer is stored on the tags. The information is provided by sensors in the fridge and transport vehicles.
Via the integrated touchscreen, the user can access the various information intuitively.
Your electronic shopping list can be sent to and edited on your mobile device as well, which makes it portable and usable in the market.


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