IRL's Interactive fresh food counter at DFKI TechDay
10.02.2015, 14:42

The 5th DFKI TechDay was held on January 30th at DFKI in Saarbrücken. The TechDay aims at creating a platform to inform about the latest technology developed at DFKI. Furthermore, it creates an atmosphere for a professional exchange between DFKI and its shareholders. Besides the networking of DFKI researchers and leaders and specialists of the different companies, the DFKI TechDay always gives the chance to present the latest developments of the DFKI labs. 

The Innovative Retail Lab presented its new and improved version of the interactive fresh food counter, IRFresh. The food counter, designed to prevent misunderstandings between customer and employee by detecting pointing gestures, was well received among the numerous guests. The integration of the new Microsoft Kinect 2.0 creates a more lifelike scenario and allows for the detection of narrower stored products. The new system is less light-sensitive and thus can be installed in almost any environment without larger adjustments. 

The fresh food counter 2.0 will soon replace the current system in our IRL lab in St. Wendel to give guests and partners an impression of the latest work created at the IRL.