Shelf Yourself
05.12.2017, 12:59

Structured, environmentally friendly, sustainable:

In the framework of her master thesis, Aline Barré developed a classification system for a kitchen cabinet with microchips. The main goal is on one hand to stop the costumer’s wasting of food, on the other hand to reduce the consumption of packages. 

The intelligent cabinet has a strict division for all products, like dry food, preserves or bottles. In addition it is furnished with reusable receptacles made out of perspex, which should support the package-free shopping. 

Thanks to sensors and microchips placed in the entire cabinet, you can check for almost all products at any time how much of which item is still available. 

The system is connected to an app, wich was specially designed, and that allows us to retrieve information directly on our smartphone. This means that the consumer also knows on the way which food he lacks. Furthermore, the app gives us tips and tricks, for example recipes suitable for the stocked food or informations about the contents or nutrients of the products.  

If you want to know more about the great order system, you can get more information here on Alines website!