The Foot-Striker
12.12.2017, 13:15

Nowadays, more and more (hobby) runners are using technical support, for example apps, for their training. Those are able to measure distances and time, but can only record a few personal values, if they even do at all. Getting a personalized workout that tries to take the place of a coach is almost impossible.
Sports bracelets and apps ate collecting informations - but the user mostly gets only superficial feedback.
But not with the foot-striker! It is equipped with EMS (electric stimulation that stimulates the muscle). Three sensors are hidden in the training shoe and can analyze the impact of the foot while running. A (of course medically accepted) EMS generator is used to send stimulating signals which are correcting the running style in real time.
During the run, when the foot in in the air, it is also tilted forwards with electric simulation, so that the runner lands with the forefoot.
The benefits? Above all, of course, the specific correction and support for each runner. In case of permanent use it could prevent false running techniques and injuries.
Afterwards, the collected data can be digitally analyzed and verified on the computer or the smartphone.

Frederik Wiehr, Florian Daiber, Felix Kosmalla and Antonio Krüger presented the Foot-Striker with a demo at the MobileHCI 2017 in Vienna.