Comparing prices by reading supermarket leaflets is a laborious and time-consuming part of shopping. Here, the Guerilla-Marketing App "GuerillAR" steps in. "GuerillAR" is an augmented reality app for smartphones. The phone's camera scans supermarket leaflets and compares them in real time with the information of another supermarket chain. Furthermore, allergy information or regional expressions can be displayed.
The changed leaflet pages and advice are displayed on your smartphone screen. Thus, articles of in-house brands of one store can be replaced by corresponding but cheaper articles of the other supermarket's in-house brands. Logos are replaced, too. This app links common leaflets and the advantages of new technologies in a practical way.


You only need a smartphone with camera and internet access, as well as the software which has to be installed on the device. In addition, a current leaflet of any supermarket is needed.


Dr. Gerrit Kahl
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