The Productfinder, currently used in the Globus Store in Güdingen and Koblenz, helps customers to find the articles they are looking for. In large department stores with a sales areas of over 10,000 square meters and a range of up to 120,000 items it can be really difficult to find specific items. When using the Productfinder customers have two options: full-text search (typing in the name of a product, manufacturer or a partial term) or browsing through product categories. The result is always the product with its name and the shelf number on the supermarket map.


The connection to the inventory control system of the store guarantees up-to-date information and enables the Productfinder to be individualized for each store. The intelligent search function assists customers and employees. The system can be intuitively operated by a Multi-Touch display. The Productfinder is the first IRL system which is installed in a real supermarket and is intensively field tested. Suggestions from customers and employees are already considered in the development of the new kiosk system which went live in Koblenz in September 2014. Thus, the Productfinder 2.0 is ready for a widespread introduction in other hypermarkets.


Dr. Gerrit Kahl
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